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waterbear is an open source assembler/disassembler for the Sega Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit). See the VMU section for more information.

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Chess Game

Chess Game Screenshot

A simple chess game, with a point and click interface. Play as white or black. If you need help with the controls, go to Help->Controls.

The saved game files are placed in a directory called "Save", which will be created wherever the executable is located. I will post the format of the *.cg save game files in the future.

Note: Currently there is only a Windows version, but it should run ok in Wine.


Text Replacer

Text Replacer Screenshot

NOTE: This is just listed here for posterity. I don't recommend using it for anything. It's an old Win32 program written when I was first learning C++, an d was really never tested thoroughly. Proceed at your own risk.

A program to replace text in plain text files. It works like the find and replace feature in Notepad, but it operates on a collection of files.

Like the Chess game, there is only a Windows version. It might work in Wine, but I have not yet tested it. Also, there are a few graphical glitches that still need to be sorted out.

Unfortunately, the source code is lost to time.

Be careful when using this program on important files. There is no way to undo a text replacement.



The Genesis of waterbear

How waterbear got its start.

Release 0.18.0 of waterbear: .include icon and more

This release adds features to simplify creating VMS headers.

Release 0.2.0 of waterbear: disassemble

Release 0.2.0 of waterbear, which adds the disassemble command

First release of waterbear!

The first release of waterbear, an assembler for the Dreamcast VMU